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Institutional Repository of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University is a collection of the University’s intellectual or research output. This service allows members of the University to share scholarly and research output with the wider community. KDU Library is responsible in establishing, collaborating, managing, maintaining and disseminating the content of IR@KDU.

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Recently Added

  • Wijekoon, WM Dilshani; Hapuarachchi, Senuri Chanma; Gunasekara, MVA Shehan (2021)
  • Jayasinghe, Apoorwa Sharadishashi; Jayawickrama, AV Sathini Jayathma; Kumari, MR Pramudi Paboda (2021)
    This paper primarily examines the Easter Sunday bombings plotted and executed by a group of Sri Lankan Muslims and the impact of post-war conditions in Sri Lanka towards the Muslims in the country. Aimed at Christians and ...
  • Attanayake, Pahani Wandana; Premachandra, PR Dismini (2021)
    Sri Lanka fought a war against domestic terrorism for three decades and defeated it physically. However, Sri Lanka had to face a lot of allegations by the western media during the post terrorist conflict period. Majority ...
  • Hapuarachchi, Senuri Chanma (2021)
    Sri Lanka is a country conflicted over its resources by great powers in the past. Today the interest on Sri Lanka still remains the same and it is clear, how countries with powerful economies are eyeing to be authoritative ...
  • Lakshmiwewa, RHM Imasha; Wanigasooriya, KWMSW (2021)
    The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak has negatively affected the growth of political and economic sectors of the globalized world, transcending beyond a health issue. In midst of the misfortune of millions around the globe, the ...

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