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    • How to Teach Communication Skills 

      Dalpatadu, Amali C.; Hettigoda, Kanthi (2021)
    • Overcoming English Language Apprehension in Nursing Education 

      Sudusinghe, WS; Kumara, WGC (2021-12)
      Apprehension of Learning English Apprehension of learning English remains one of the most frequently reported fears experienced by many undergraduates that has directly impacted their careers. This apprehension naturally ...
    • Assertiveness for a Successful Nursing Profession 

      Kumara, WGC; Warnakulasuriya, S.S.P. (2021-12)
      What is Assertiveness? Every individual possesses a unique style of communication-based on the manner in which they get involved in interactions and share information with others. According to Alvernia University (2018), ...