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    • Prediction of Air Quality Index in Colombo 

      Fernando, RM; Ilmini, WMKS; Vidanagama, DU (2022-01-10)
      Air is always considered as the main critical factor on which human survival depends on. The AQI or long firmly air quality index is the index value that illustrates qualitatively the current state of the air. The ...
    • Sher-locked: a Hybrid Deep Learning Model Based Mobile Platform for Social Media Fact-checking 

      Goonathilake, MDPP; Kumara, PPNV (2022-01-10)
      In the present context, false news can be easily constructed and circulated through various social media platforms. As a result, people on those platforms have difficulty in distinguishing between correct and incorrect ...
    • Smart Contract Based Electronic Cheque Settlement Protocol 

      Zoysa, KD (2022-01-10)
      Blockchain and smart contract technologies can be used to build a significant impact on financial transactions. This research initiatives the potential of applying blockchain and smart contract technologies for the ...