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      Abeydeera, HN [1]
      Abeysinghe, WMRP [1]
      Ajward, AR [2]
      Ajward, R [1]
      Amunugama, AMWDGK [1]
      Anuradha, H [1]
      Arachchige, BJH [1]
      Arambawela, SSP [1]
      Arunashantha, HAS [1]
      Athapaththu, APB [1]
      Dayananda, HN [1]
      Dayarathna, NWKDK [1]
      De Mel, WDH [2]
      De Silva, GNJ [1]
      De Silva, MTD [1]
      Dissanayake, ADM [1]
      Dissanayake, TDSH [1]
      Entrepreneurship is a source of economic growth, employment, innovations which is vital in identifying the factors that occur students’ intention to become an entrepreneur. Being a social role engaged in the creation of value through innovation and risk taking, entrepreneurship plays a vital role especially in developing countries like Sri Lanka. The main focus of the current study is to identify the determinants of entrepreneurial intentions of students: with special reference to undergraduate students of Sri Lanka. In this research personal attitude, entrepreneurial education, gender differences and family background are the independent variables while entrepreneurial intention is considered as the dependent variable. The study comprises of primary data which were gathered directly through online questionnaires. The sample consists of 200 undergraduates from state universities as well as University Grants Commission (UGC) approved universities and institutions of Sri Lanka. The study employed simple random sampling method to select the sample. Gathered data were analyzed using SPSS software (version 22). The aggregate reliability of the current study according to Cronbach’s Alpha is 0.722. Themodel can be accepted asthe Durbin Watson value is 2.161 and significance level of ANOVA is .000. Besides, the correlation results were obtained using Spearman’s method. As for the research findings, gender and family background show a negative impact on the intention to become entrepreneurs while education and personal factors have a positive impact. [1]
      Fernando, IHS [1]
      Fernando, NS [1]