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The Strategic Importance of Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean Region: Reference to String of Pearls Strategy

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dc.description.abstract China’s interest in maritime silk route and continues energy flow to the country has resulted as “String of Pearls” across the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). In the 21st century, China came into the scenario of balancing the power of South Asia which generates a rivalry among India and China in Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka sits at the heart of the Indian Ocean, and holds one of the pearls of that string of pearls. The study focused on ‘to identify of the strategic importance of Sri Lanka within the Chinese String of Pearls Strategy in Indian Ocean Region”. The methodology that followed for this study is qualitative in nature by using only secondary data with descriptive analysis. The theoretical approach of the study is based on the small states theory and China’s peaceful rise theory. As per the study, the findings are elaborated in the following sectors; ‘String of Pearls’ in Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka and the rivalry between the Elephant and the Dragon, Strategic importance of Sri Lanka ‘the Diamond’ and losing the pearl from our hands. In the conclusion of the study, it reveals that the strategic importance of Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean has attracted the world’s big powers. The China’s presence in Sri Lanka has been mutually benefited to Sri Lanka as well as China and the regime change of Sri Lanka has resulted in leasing the Hambantota port in order to meet the short term requirements of the country. Besides the political debates, Sri Lanka could use the pearl for the sustainability of the country and enhancing relations with the big powers of the world rather than accomplishing short term requirements.
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dc.title The Strategic Importance of Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean Region: Reference to String of Pearls Strategy en_US
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