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Design an infrared radar training module

Show simple item record Chandrarathne, TWKU Ranasinghe, MAGGRS Perera, UHS Dhammika, KVP 2018-05-18T09:53:06Z 2018-05-18T09:53:06Z 2013
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dc.description.abstract In this project, we designed a type of close proximity infrared radar training module that can be used to detect any object close to the device by scanning with an angle of 180 degrees and from a distance from 20cm to 150cm. The main target of the project was to develop a low-cost radar training module for students to have an idea about what radar is, to visualize the sensed data from the IR sensor to a radar screen, Sharp GP2Y0A02 series infrared distance sensor was used in the project. It will detect and measure anything within a 20-150cm range and it does this by triangulation method from where it emits a beam of IR and from when it receives it. Basically, a pulse of IR light is emitted by the emitter. This light travels out in the field of view and either hits an object or just keeps on going. In the case of no object, the light is never reflected and the reading shows no object. If the light reflects off an object, it returns to the detector and creates a triangle between the point of reflection, the emitter, and the detector. We use the Arduino to control a servo motor that will rotate our IR sensor around 180 degrees. The Arduino will then send the value from the distance sensor along with the current angle of the servo motor to the serial port. The project also used the programming language ‘Processing’ to visualize the data received as a dynamic graph. Although the main aim is to develop an IR radar training module, this infrared radar has other applications too. This can be used as a home security system by coupling it to an alarm. Also, it can be coupled to an obstacle avoiding mobile robot platform in order to manoeuvre in any terrain. The most important feature in this radar is that it is a low-cost radar. en_US
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dc.title Design an infrared radar training module en_US
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