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    • A Holistic Approach to National Security of Sri Lanka 

      Abewardhana, AABDP; Karunarathne, NC; Dayarathne, H; Gamage, R; Lakmali, N; Genovese, PV (2020)
      Most spoken effects of the 9/11 Chapter seem to fade away with the new development of the COVID 19 pandemic situation and beyond today. Priorities for security does not limit to terrorism where the world is ...
    • Learning Styles of Military Learners 

      Abewardhana, AABDP; Seneviratne, GWA; Kumara, PPNV (2018)
      Learning styles influence the way students learn and how they approach learning situations. Learning styles among students are varied and there are number of factors that may account for such differences in how students ...
    • Redefining the Role of Airpower for Nation Building in Peacetime 

      Wanasinghe, Nirosh HW; Abewardhana, AABDP (2021)
      Airpower is offensive by nature. In the post conflict situation after the defeat of brutal terrorism in 2009, airpower was performing its traditional role of preserving the peace for almost a decade. However, economy and ...